TV new series “LOUIE & YOKO BUILD” (78×7′) commissioned by France Televisions

In the wake of flagship TV program “Louie Draw Me”, France Televisions has commissioned Millimages’ brand new series “Louie & Yoko Build” (78×7’) which is an adaptation of Louie & Yoko’s adventures with a fresh graphical style and a new concept. Louie has swapped his pencil case for a toolbox. With the help of Yoko, they build what their friends need and show kids how to do it with their magic toolbox. The series is directed by Eric Gutierrez (“Piccolo & Saxo”, “Talis”, “Ethelbert the Tiger”, “Les petits cuistots”, “Anatole Latuile”).

The initial series “Louie Draw Me” (117×7’) has been aired on France Televisions since its launch in 2007 and became a real hit across the world. The series is broadcasted in 200+ territories, available in 20+ languages and one of the most watched programs on VOD platforms

Format: 78×7’
Directed by Eric Gutierrez

Laurence CORRE