Trust Me I’m A Genie (52×13’)

Format: 52x13’ - HD
Genre: Comedy
Target: Kids

One day, Diego, a chilled-out camel, meets Ziggy the genie, a raccoon who can grant Diego three wishes. But after fulfulling Diego’s first two wishes, his powers became defective. Follow the wacky and madcap adventures of the oddest couple of the desert as they keep trying to fulfill Diego’s ultimate wish.

Main Broadcasters: Afrostream, Alshana, Al Jazeera, BBC, Canal+, Globosat, Encripta, MTV 3, RTE, SIC, Toon Goggles, TPS, TrueVisions, TV2, TV5 Monde

Production: Millimages
Directed by: Virginie Jallot