Skyland (26×26’)

Format: 26x26’ - 2D&3D CGI - HD
Genre: Sci-Fi - Adventure - Ecology
Target: Tweens

In 2251, the Earth has shattered into millions of blocks that now float in orbit around the Earth’s core. The Sphere, governed by the evil Oslo, who has telekinetic powers, is a dictatorship that controls water distribution. Mila has been imprisoned by Oslo. It’s up to her children Mahad and Lena to bring down the Sphere and free her.

Main Broadcasters: ABC, DR, Canal J, Digiturk, CFI, Chello Multicanal, Echo TV, ITV, Karusel, MTV, NC+, Nickelodeon, Rai Cinema, TV2 (Norway)

Production: Method Films, 9 Story Enternainment
Directed by: Emmanuel Gorinstein