Pipi, Pupu & Rosmary (78×7’)

Format: 78x7’ + 4x22’ - HD
Genre: Edutainment - Comedy - Adventure
Target: Preschool

Pipì Pupù and Rosmary are on a journey to find Mapa… But do you know who Mapa is? It’s half Mama and half Papa! Follow their funny and touching adventures as they learn to grow up and discover
the poetry and magic of their fantastic world!

Main Broadcasters: Canal+ Family, Ceska Televize, KBS, KTH, RAI, Piwi+, NRK, RTV, SVT, UBS, NPO Zapp, NPO Zappelin

Production: Millimages, Cometafilm, PTD
Directed by: Enzo d’Alo