Pipi, Pupu & Rosmary – The Nutcracker (22’)

Format: 22’ - HD
Genre: Edutainment - Comedy - Adventure
Target: Preschool

It is the day before Christmas, Pipi, Pupu and Rosmary are PipiFritz, the Nutcracker and RoseClara. PipiFritz and Rose-Clara receive a Nutcracker on behalf of their godfather for Christmas. During the night, the king of the rats and his accomplices try to steal the Nutcracker from Rose-Clara. PipiFritz’s tin soldiers come to life and the battle begins. The King is defeated but swears that he won’t stop there! How will the nutcracker be saved?

Production: Millimages, Cometafilm, PTD
Directed by: Enzo d’Alo
Based on Strauss’s Nutcracker