Pipi, Pupu & Rosmary – Don Pipixote (22’)

Format: 22’- HD
Genre: Edutainment - Comedy - Adventure
Target: Preschool

Pipi, Pupu and Rosmary perform the famous story of Don Quixote! This time, Pipi is Don Pipixote, Pupu is Pupusancho and Rosmary is Rosmarinée. One day, Juan, an admirer of Rosmarinée, challenges Pipixote to a duel. Whoever brings back her favorite doll, which was stolen by Tenebron the bandit, will win her heart forever. A new adventure begins!

Production: Millimages, Cometafilm, PTD
Directed by: Enzo d’Alo
Based on Tchaikovsky’s DonQuixote