Molang – Merchandising

Key Selling Points:

  • 160 000 Molang emoticons downloaded per mounth in Korea and 300 000 in China
  • On YouTube, Molang counts 1 million views in six weeks.
  • following the succesful launch of Molang in Canal+ and Piwi+...
  • Lots of games was made by Canal group with Molang hundreds of products to win.
  • In its 1st month on air, Molang shorts have reached 22 million total of unique viewers, of which 5.4M were Kids 2-5, meaning so far 35% of TV’s K2-5 have seen at least one Molang short on either Channel.


Molang is the story of a gentle, joyful rabbit, and a lively, scatterbrained chick. Despite their many differences, these two enjoy a unique friendship. They have great times together ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. Whether they’re flying to the moon or merely watering the vegetable patch, Molang and Piu Piu experience unexpected, even unsettling situations. Tricky incidents and misunderstandings are soon transformed into opportunities for fun moments and humor, which Molang’s friends are happy to come and share in.

The series
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