MOLANG – A Happy day – Fun games for toddlers

The Molang application allows children to learn the motions of everyday life and the rhythm of the day through a series of fun mini games: washing in the morning, fishing, picnicing, finding Piu Piu, playing basketball, dreaming... every hour of the day is an activity!

At the end of every game, kids earn disguises that allow them to dress Molang up with the awards they have collected. Children can collect dozens of disguises.


The Molang clock serves as the game board, and helps start learning to tell the time. The day starts at 8am and ends at 7pm, at which time Molang goes to bed.

8 am: Shower
9 am: Bike ride
10 am: Fishing
11 am: Cooking
Noon: Picnic
1 pm: Find Piu Piu
2 pm: Memory
3 pm: Coloring
4 pm: Basketball
5 pm: Music
6 pm: Clean up your room!
7 pm: Puzzle