Learn to draw and write with Louie

Join Louie, Yoko and all their friends for a fantastic time around their world. Draw, color, write and grow whilst having fun! Drawing and writing are the same art that's why Louie's app is perfect for you toddlers to learn how to write the letters.

============ WHY LOUIE'S APP IS PERFECT FOR YOUR KIDS ==================

"The Louie app will delight your children while teaching them to draw, to observe and to write by themselves!"


Discover the world of Louie all by yourself, revolve the earth with a touch of your finger and select one of his 26 friends: horse, fairy, beaver, airplane…

With each character, you can choose between 4 activities!

- Be like a real artist, drawing the characters by touching the screen. If you wish, Louie can show you how to draw the characters with a short animated clip.
- Choose your own colors, dip your fingers into the tin of paint and have fun coloring the characters.
- Put the letters in the right order to make words.
- Learn how to write the names of Louie’s friends that you have drawn. Arrows will help show you how to draw the letters.

Have fun growing up!

Available in English, French, Spanish and German.