I speak French with Louie!

With Louie, your child learns French while having fun with many video and edutainment games!

"What's great is that kids can learn this other language while they're young by listening to the words combined with a picture dictionary." apppicker.com

“I speak French with Louie!” enables your child to learn French from an early age!

Immersed in the interactive universe of Louie, your child can learn French while having fun. By watching episodes of the series, with or without subtitles, and numerous edutainment games, your child progressively improves both understanding and communicating abilities in the new language!

At any time, your child can find and listen to the words, that he or she learnt, in a beautiful picture dictionary.

Your child can also record his or her voice on the microphone in your smartphone or tablet and share his or her progress with all the family.

If you want to learn more about “I speak French with Louie!“ please watch the following introductory video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvDog-dzfBo&feature=youtu.be

Creating an account is entirely free and without any obligation.
When opening the application for the first time, we offer you the opportunity to create an account. This registration is optional but it will permit you to receive stars and unlock free episodes and games. Enter the email address of the person that recommended the application to you, and you will win more stars!

With Louie, let your kids get a step ahead!

Functions and contents:
-39 Louie episodes in English, French and Spanish, all subtitled in the language of your choice.
-Tens of games to have fun while learning languages.
-A beautiful picture dictionary to listen to the words that your child discovered.
-A recording mode to share the progress of your child with all your family and your friends.
-A loyalty program: the more your child plays and learns new words, the more you win stars, which allow the unlocking of additional videos and games.