Corneil & Bernie – Merchandising

Key selling points:

  •  More than 5 000 000 views since July 2014 on YouTube.
  •  The "Corneil & Bernie, Mayday" app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android since January 2013. It was downloaded more than 200 000 times.
  • Jungle Casterman Editions interviewed 800 children between 6 and 9 yo to know what are their favorite shows and those they wished to see adapted in comic is in the top 5.


Bernie is an amusing and eccentric teenager. He is dogsitting Corneil, a dog of exceptional intelligence. Indeed, Corneil is fluent in several foreign languages, can skim read and count at the speed of light. Not to end up as a laboratory dog, he decided never to reveal his talents to anyone. When his owners, take on Bernie as a dog-sitter, Corneil’s life is turned upside down.

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