64 Zoo Lane (104×11’)

Format: 104x11’ - HD
Genre: Edutainment - Adventure - Comedy
Target: Preschool

Lucy lives at 64 Zoo Lane, right next door to the local zoo . Every night from her bedroom window, Lucy slides down Georgina the Giraffe’s long neck to the zoo below to meet the animals. Each animal, including Boris the Bear, Giggles and Tickles the two monkeys, Molly the Hippo and Nelson the Elephant, have different stories to tell and each night they impatiently await their turn to tell her about their adventures.

Production: Millimages, Zoo Lane Productions
Directed by: An Vrombaut & Albert Pereire Lazaro (S1&2), Julien Cayot (S3&4)


Main Broadcasters:
ABC, Cartoon Network, Cbeebies,Ceska TV, Disney Europe, Disney Japan, DR, ETV, France 5, Hop TV !, HRT, KTH, NRK, RAI, RTE, PBS, Sprout, SVT, YLE, VRT, MBC, NC+, Netflix, Nickelodeon Junior, SABC, Teletoon


-Best Pre-school Series British Animation Award in 2002

-Nominated at Annecy Festival in 2000

-Pulcinella Best Preschool Series Award at International TV Festival “Cartoon on the Bay” in 2000

-Nominated at the BAFTA Awards 2000 in the category “Pre-school”