64 Zoo Lane – Let’s read along with Alan!

Visit the enchanting world of 64 Zoo Lane and discover the first book of the animals’ adventures!
You and your children become the heroes of the story!

The story of Alan, the shyest aardvark of the jungle, turns reading into a fun game.

More than an interactive book, the “64 Zoo Lane” app gives your child the opportunity to record himself when he or she reads! Recording a reading genuinely helps a child learn to read. You can save up to three versions.

What’s more, you and your child can record the story together! Everybody has a role to play: the narrator, Lucy, or her friends the animals… With 64 Zoo Lane, you have a great time with your family!

You can also record yourself and play “Mum’s or Dad’s” version to your child.

Little by little your child will grow fond of reading!

The Story of Alan's Catchy Tune:
Zed, Herbert and Alan are looking for a new song for the concert that evening. Alan has found a catchy tune but is far too shy to play it in front of everyone. Will he be able to overcome his stage fright?

About 64 Zoo Lane, the animated series:
•Winner of 2010 the TVFI Export Award
•Pulcinella best preschool series award at international TV festival “Cartoon of the Bay” in 2000
•Best pre-school series British animation awards in 2002
•Nomination at the BAFTA Awards 2000 in the category « Pre-School »

-A story read by the narrator and voiced by animals of the Zoo.
-An read alone mode
-A direct access to the page of your choice
-A recording mode: record the narration, the dialogs or the whole story!
-Opportunity to save up to 3 versions of your story
-Every page is a real video
-4 languages available: English, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.