MOLANG’s GIFS have reached 100 million views over the last week-end!

In total, some 350 Molang GIFS amounted to over 150 million views within a few weeks only. Indexed around the keyword #WorldCup, the dedicated GIFS started trending in GIPHY and were picked out in the instagram, snapchat stories as well as on facebook messenger and whatsapp.

Molang has been deployed on all digital brand territories thanks to the creation of content geared to each platform: facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, tumblr, snapchat and IQiYi. The property boasts 500,000 fans and has succeeded in attracting young adults, children and their parents. The #MyBestFriend webseries reaches several tens of millions of viewers each week. The Merchandising activity is booming with licensed products available in the main distributions channels on all continents including Alibaba in China.

Broadcasted on Canal + and TF1 in France, the Molang series (156×3’30) is distributed in 190 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. The series was nominated in the Emmy Awards in 2016 and received the TVFI export Prize in 2018 for best selling series abroad. It is reaching record ratings in numerous counties, most notably on Disney Junior in the United States, on Cartoonito in the UK and on RAI in Italy. Season 4, which is coproduced with Canal +, is underway.

After barely 3 years of existence, the resounding triumph of Molang on the airwaves, in new media and in the field of merchandising, heralds Molang as one of the greatest successes of French animation.

Véronique Desroques