Corneil & Bernie (104×13’)

Format: 104x13’ - HD
Genre: Comedy
Target Audience: Kids

Bernie is an amusing and eccentric teenager. He is dogsitting Corneil, a dog of exceptional intelligence. Indeed, Corneil is fluent in several foreign languages, can skim read and count at the speed of light. Not to end up as a laboratory dog, he decided never to reveal his talents to anyone. When his owners, take on Bernie as a dog-sitter, Corneil’s life is turned upside down.

Production: Millimages
Directed by: Albert Pereira Lazaro (S1), Paul Guidal (S2)

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Main Broadcasters:
ABC, BBC, Cartoon Network, DR, EBS, Encripta, EVision, Family Play, Gulli, HRT, JCG, KTH, KIKA, MBC, MTV3, NRK, RTE, Samanyolu, SVT, Okto, TrueVision, TV5 Monde, YLE, Zarok TV


Best international Séries - BAFTA

Pulcinella Award - Cartoons on the Bay Award

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